David D. Ford is an American actor from East Texas. David grew up in the piney woods of East Texas in a small town called, Harleton. The surrounding woods around David's home became his playground, where he often explored with neighboring friends. When David was thirteen, his brother-n-law left a video camera at his house and it wasn't long before David was making home videos with his friends and doing skits. While the seeds of filmmaking and acting started to grow, David didn't acutally pursue acting till later in life. In college, David began learning the craft of screenwriting and by the time he was thirty, he had written five screenplays. David's first role was in a horror film in Dallas called, "Serum." David recalls, "I almost didn't go to the audition. I always wanted to be an actor but I never thought I would have a chance at it. But, I knew if I didn't go to this audition that I would never know if I had what it took to be an actor. I am so glad I went."


For a little over a decade, David worked as a full time special education teacher in the Texas public school system while auditioning and landing various roles in many independent features as well as studio features. To date, David has written, directed, produced, and starred in three feature films with plans to make more.

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